7 Fun Key West Nightlife Activities To Do After Sunset

Since the early 1800s, Key West has been a hot spot for nightlife. With its proximity to Cuba and easy access to all types of fun, the island has always been a place where people come to let loose. Interestingly, as the sun sets and the temperature begins to cool, the Key West nightlife heats up. There are a variety of activities to keep tourists and locals busy after the sun goes down. Here are seven fun things to do after sunset in Key West:

1. Go Kayaking At Night

Do you desire to have a more magical night out? Kayaking in Key West is sure to create a memorable experience. You can explore the water and enjoy the nocturnal view of marine life. Moreover, kayaking is a great way to spend time with friends in the dark while having fun. Book your night kayak tour and explore the Key West mangrove tunnels as you glide through the crystal clear waters of Key West.

2. Enjoy Nightlife In Key West In An Open Air Bar

Outdoor bars are one of the most popular places to spend an evening in Key West. They offer a great view of Duval Street and the surrounding areas, making them the perfect spot for people to watch and enjoy some drinks. Many outside bars also have live music, making for a fun and lively atmosphere. If you’re looking for a place to relax and take in all that Key West nightlife has to offer, then an open-air bar is worth checking out.

3. Spend Time With Loved Ones At Wine Bars

If you’re looking for a more low-key evening out, wine bars are a great option. They offer a quiet and intimate setting where you can enjoy some drinks and conversation with loved ones. Besides, the bars have small plates of food available so that you can make a night of it. If you’re looking for a relaxed evening out in Key West, wine bars are maybe an excellent choice for you.

4. Enjoy A Thrilling Key West Nightlife At Drag Shows

If you’re looking for a night of excitement and laughter, drag shows are a perfect choice. With outrageous costumes and hilarious skits, a drag show is sure to entertain anyone who attends. They also offer an excellent opportunity for people to watch and see some of the most creative costumes in Key West. If you’re looking for a night that you won’t forget, head to a drag show for some laughs and unforgettable entertainment.

5. Hang Out In A Dance Club

A dance club is a great place to spend an evening dancing and socializing with friends. With a large dance floor and a variety of music, dance clubs are a perfect choice for anyone in love with dancing. Every dance bar is open late every night of the week and offers something different each evening. Moreover, there’s usually a cover charge for most events, but it’s well worth it to have a great time dancing until the sun comes up.

6. Shop At Duval Street And Mallory Square

Duval Street and Mallory Square are two of the most popular areas for shopping in Key West. They offer a variety of stores, from souvenir shops to high-end boutiques. If you’re looking for a chance to do some shopping while enjoying Key West nightlife, these are the places to go. Duval Street is especially lively at night, with street performers and music adding excitement. Thus, if you desire to buy something special as a memory of your time in Key West, then be sure to check out Duval Street and Mallory Square for some great shopping opportunities.

7. Enjoy Cuban Cuisine At El Meson De Pepe In Mallory Square

If you’re looking for a delicious and unique dining experience, be sure to check out El Meson de Pepe in Mallory Square. It offers Cuban cuisine that is worth trying. Additionally, with its lively atmosphere and excellent service, it’s sure to be a memorable dining experience. Furthermore, El Meson de Pepe offers free live music every night from talented local musicians. So if you desire to try something new while enjoying Key West, be sure to visit El Meson de Pepe in Mallory Square.


Whether you are looking for a place to let loose and party hard or want something more low-key and relaxed, Key West has an option for you. No matter what your preference is, make sure to take advantage of the fantastic nightlife this city has to offer. So go out, have some fun, and explore everything that Key West’s nightlife scene has to offer. Get in touch with us to get you started in your nightlife encounters at Key West today for a thrilling and memorable tour!

1 hour 30 minutes
Group Size
Up to 18

Night Kayak Guided Tour

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