Father's Day In Key West - 5 Unique Ideas For Dad's Special Day

Father's Day In Key West

Key West, an island destination off the coast of South Florida in the Florida Keys, is a special place famous for its whimsical community, colorful locals, rich history, and a multitude of wonderful and exciting activities for visitors. Not only is it popular as a vacation destination, but Key West is also a great spot for anyone celebrating a special occasion, like a birthday or a wedding. For anyone looking to celebrate Father’s Day in a special location, Key West in June is certainly worth considering.

In the United States, Father’s Day is a special day on which we honor the role of fathers in our lives, and spending Father’s Day in Key West provides a special opportunity for a memorable celebration. There is no shortage of things to do and explore on Father’s Day to celebrate the special day for Dad, but one he will definitely appreciate is a unique and unforgettable experience in Key West. The island, like the other Florida Keys, is located in Monroe County and has a wide range of attractions and activities that dads and their families will love.

You might choose to indulge in some dad jokes while heading out on a private cruise with your family, go catch a fish off a sailboat, or look into a variety of other activities that honor fathers. One of the most attractive things about Key West is that many of the tourist spots and destinations offer free admission for fathers on Father’s Day, especially if you tell the staff a Father’s Day dad joke. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to celebrate Father’s Day in Key West on a budget trip.

You can even join us on a nighttime kayak paddle trip out to the mangrove forests to explore marine life or a private sandbar trip out to sea. Do you want to know how to make Father’s Day special? What are some activities that dads and their families can do in Key West on Father’s Day?

Private Sandbar Trip


1) Fishing

June is a great time to book a fishing excursion in the Keys on Father’s Day. Is your Dad a fishing enthusiast? If he is, Key West is the perfect destination. Located right between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, this area of Florida is rich in marine life, has beautiful waters, and has vibrant coral reefs.

There are fishing tours with experienced captains available at a variety of different rates, some of which take advantage of the scenery while ferrying you and your Dad to the perfect fishing spot. Some even offer inshore fishing experiences for those who are not too sure about a trip out to the deep waters.

The Keys are home to a variety of tropical fish, but for the adventurous, some great fishing spots around Key West include:

  • The flats and channels

  • The reefs

  • The sandbars

  • Shipwreck sites

Father's Day Fishing


2) Golf

For golf enthusiasts, the Florida Keys, especially Key West, are a wonderful golfing destination. There are several golf courses and clubs on the island that are perfect for a chance to have an afternoon with your father out on the golf course while cracking your best dad jokes. These courses cover everything from beginner to expert levels. Many also offer amenities ranging from golf lessons to special events.

Head out for a Father’s Day round of golf at the Key West Golf Club or drive up the Overseas Highway to Cheeca Lodge on Islamorada. For those who just want some noncompetitive Father’s Day fun, take the whole family and friends for a round of miniature golf at Boondocks Grill & Drafthouse on Ramrod Key.

Father's Day Fun - Golf


3) Water Activities

An island like Key West in June has no shortage of fun activities on the water that fathers and their families can enjoy on Father’s Day. From the dad who has small children in need of family fun to the older dad with grown sons and daughters, there are excursions and activities for everyone.

Jet skiing off Smathers Beach, or even trying an efoil ride for the truly adventurous, Key West is the perfect place to head out onto the water for a variety of activities. Some activities and water sports in June include:

  • Jet Ski tours

  • Nighttime kayaking tours in mangrove forests

  • Private cruise out to the sandbars

  • Parasailing

  • Snorkeling and scuba diving the shipwreck sites

  • Sunset sailing cruises

Father's Day Weekend - Jet Ski Tours


4) Fine Dining

Culinary experts all agree that Key West is the place to go for an incredible food scene. Located only 90 miles away from Cuba, there are several restaurants on the island with Cuban cuisine and a Cuban flair, as well as an abundance of seafood restaurants, beach bars, and tiki bars with grilled food.

Don’t miss the island’s signature dish, the famous Key Lime Pie at Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe, or head down to the Cuban Coffee Queen at Mallory Square for a good, strong cup of Cuban coffee on Father’s Day morning.

Key West has small and large eateries alike, with flavorful options that can satisfy any craving. Whether your Dad likes classic burgers and fries or fancy seafood, there is a food option for every possibility. Some restaurants give dads free meals or free drink specials on Father’s Day, though some might require you to tell a dad joke first.

Some famous restaurants to check out include:

  • Kim’s Kuban

  • The Stoned Crab

  • “Off the Hook” Grill

  • El Siboney Restaurant

  • Blue Heaven

  • The Lobster Shack

  • Incas Restaurant

Fine Dining - Father's Day Weekend


5) Tourist Destinations

For all of its small size, Key West is an island with an amazing history, enough to fill several volumes of tourist handbooks. Some of these spots might be perfect if your Dad is a history lover or an enthusiast of military history. There are history tours, ghost tours, and wildlife tours as well.

Fort Zachary Taylor should not be missed if your Dad is a fan of old military forts and likes to explore. Or if he is a history buff, head to the Shipwreck Museum or the Key West Lighthouse and Keeper’s Museum for some nautical history and family fun. Guys with small children might enjoy the Butterfly Conservatory or the Key West Aquarium. For guys who are fans of the famous author, Ernest Hemingway, definitely go explore the Hemingway Home and Gardens, where the famous author wrote some of his most well-known works.

For anyone looking for a great present, check out the shops on Duval Street. You might even snag an interesting Father’s Day present from a street vendor at Mallory Square.

Some tourist spots to visit with your Dad on Father’s Day include:

  • The Southernmost Point

  • Sloppy Joe’s bar

  • The Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square

  • Truman Little White House

  • The Conch Tour Train

  • Audubon House & Tropical Gardens

The Southernmost Point In Key West


Honoring Dad

As you can see, Key West has an array of exciting activities to attend, and explore, tours to take, and unique spots for visitors that are sure to make Father’s Day special for any dad. There are many things to do on Father’s Day on the island. Whether your dad enjoys the beautiful scenery, cracking his best dad jokes on the golf course, indulging in delicious food, or participating in thrilling adventures, Key West has something for every dad out there and their families.

Grab your Dad and family and head to Key West to celebrate Father’s Day in style. What better way to celebrate than with a nighttime viewing of marine life on a kayak paddle tour or a sandbar trip with an experienced Captain?

Don’t hesitate to join us on an adventure out to sea, book your excursions today!

Night Kayaking In Key West

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Group Size
Up to 18

Night Kayak Guided Tour

Get a single or double glass-bottom kayak illuminated with lights and follow our tour guide on this one of a kind, unforgettable and simply magical adventure.

This slow paced, immersive, and very relaxing experience will allow you to see some cool, active at night marine life as you are gliding through crystal clear waters of Key West.

Guests will experience going through narrow mangrove tunnels at night, floating around shallow and calm waters as the tour guide will look for interesting critters for everyone to see.

3 hours
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Key West Sandbar Trip

Key West sandbars are our local well kept secret. This is where we take our families to hang out and relax on our days off. This is the perk of our island lifestyle. Now we want to share this experience with you.

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