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Please check the product pages for tour start times.

All our tours are guided by trained professional tour guides. They make sure that you are safe and that you get the most out of the experience. For the kayaking adventure, the tour guide will even jump in the water and show you different critters, educate you about them.

We do not offer shuttle service. We do offer complimentary garage parking for the duration of the tour.

There is a restroom facility located beside the pool on the Beachside Resort & Residences that our tour guests are welcome to use.

Our tours are suitable for kids 4 years old and up riding a double kayak with a parent.

Night Kayak is the group activity. Our fully booked tour will have 6 single kayaks and 6 double kayaks on it.

That would mean that all the singles are already booked. Please browse other dates or tour times. Our online booking system shows real-time availability - if it doesn't let you book - it means we don't have it available.

It is possible for a single person to ride a double kayak solo but that person needs to be 190lbs or less because all the weight will be just on one end of the boat (without anything on the other end to counter-weight).

Single kayak 250lbs
Double kayak 350lbs for two people combined weight

In our opinion the perception of the tour is about the same in single or double kayak.

Shorts and t-shirts. Bring a hoodie for colder nights during winter time. You might get a little wet but you shouldn't get soaked. Shoes, water shoes and flip flops stay on the dock as they scratch the plexiglass bottom of the kayaks.

It's not buggy at all despite what most people think. Please DO NOT use bug spray as the chemicals that are in it damage the clear coat of the plexiglass kayak bottoms.

We have a dock-box that we lock for the duration of the tour. You're welcome to leave your things inside and your tour guide will unlock it after the tour.

Alcohol is not allowed on the kayaks, but it is on the boat. For kayaking, you can bring a bottle of water etc but alcohol is not allowed. You have to be 100% sober to do this tour. If you show signs of intoxication we will refuse service and you will not be refunded. Your safety is our priority.
For boat trips, you're welcome to bring your own alcohol, and we have a cooler to keep it cool.

You will see nocturnal marine life that becomes active at night but we can't promise any particular animals as every tour is different and we don't have residential critters that would always be waiting there for us :)

Minimum 24hrs notice before scheduled tour to receive full refund - that gives us a chance to resell your tickets. We reserve the right to cancel the tour for safety reasons, fe. weather etc. If we cancel the tour - everybody receives full refund. Refunds usually take around 10 business days to process and reflect on your credit card.

Night Kayaking.

A Magical Adventure with the Nocturnal Marine Life of Key West
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