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We are a family-owned and operated tour company, bringing the best tours experiences to tourists in Key West for over a decade. In 2012 we had an idea to put lights on the glass bottom kayak and go out on the water at night. We wanted to do this to provide Key West visitors with a unique way to experience the beauty and wildlife that exists here. We were the first in Florida and one of the first in the entire world.


Going MainSTREAM

When we first launched this innovative new tour type, it wasn't easy to convince our customers that kayaking at night is extremely cool and not creepy.

Shortly after introducing our LED Night Paddle Tour it proved to be a huge success and the number of stoked tour participants kept growing. If you did a clear bottom kayak at night in Key West between 2012 and 2019 you did it with us!

Our tour quickly became one of the top things to do in Key West and the highlight of the entire vacation for most people.

Why choose us?

Come Explore the Nightlife in Key West.

Let's explore a different kind of nightlife, as seen on a Night Kayak Key West tour, and leave the details to us! We have planned a magical experience with well-prepared equipment and highly trained guides. Our local guides know this area well, and they will take you on a night kayak tour of those out of the way, hidden spots to experience the nocturnal marine life of the Keys. This will be an unforgettable experience, which is sure to be the highlight of any trip to Key West.

Unique Experience

After sunset our bright LED lights will illuminate everything under you, and with the glass bottom, you'll feel like you're kayaking in an aquarium.


We are family-owned and operated and know all of the best places for these tours and experiences.  You will be guided by some of the best and most experienced guides around!


From the training of the teachers to the equipment and communication, we've done all the planning and preparation required to ensure that you have a top-notch experience.


Key West Under The Night Sky

Our new location is sheltered from the wind, has mangrove tunnels that are magical at night, and has a much bigger variety of marine life for you to enjoy.

Pass through many areas of interest including the mangrove island rookeries which are home to ibis, herons, pelicans, and their fledglings. Make sure you bring a camera to capture your favorite species sightings.

Night Kayaking.

A Magical Adventure with the Nocturnal Marine Life of Key West